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Types of Addictions
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The more commonly occuring addictions include substance abuse, food and eating disorders, sex and relationship addiction, shopping and spending excessive amounts of money, workaholism, video games, etc.  Most people understand what substances people can become addicted to.  Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes to name a few.  Often family members of addicts do not understand that addiction involves obsession about the subatance or relationsip or sex, denial of the problem, and lying in order to avoid exposure or to avoid having to confront the excess.
Signs of addiction can include using drugs or sex to make one feel better about oneself, using to relax or calm down, using alone and/or hiding that use, using on a daily basis-not able to live without drug of choice, getting into trouble using (drunk driving, getting caught having sex or viewing pornography outside one's primary relationship, passing out from drinking too much, job jeopardized due to having alcohol on one's breath or from sexualization of co-worker, and numerous other signs.

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