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Transmission of Lyme Disease

Are Ticks The Only Route For Transmission?

According to Dr. Bach, Lyme DNA has been found in semen and vaginal secretions, which would suggest possible sexual transmission, similar to syphilis.  Bach further sites information from the World Buiatrics regarding transmission by other insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, mites, and biting flies, as mentioned in the section on the military.  See this link for further information.
Animals Commonly Susceptible to Infection Lyme Infection
According to this information, dogs, horses, sheep and cattle have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.  What does this imply for drinking cows' milk?  Is pasteurization enough to kill any Lyme bacteria, cyst or L-form?  Are the chances of contracting it from milk higher for raw milk, which comes from one cow but is not pasteurized?  Or are the chances greater for commercial milk, for which each gallon is blended from many cows much like hamburger meat. What about transmission via meat?  What cooking temperatures are adequate to kill Borrelia?  What about cooking temperatures for killing cysts?  These are questions not addressed by this article, but are important to ponder.  See this link: 
Dr. Rinker's discussion of Lyme and treatment. 
Placental Transfer Of Lyme
A literature search results in multiple research articles indicating that Lyme can be transmitted from the infected mother to the fetus via the placenta.  The outcome is often adverse for the fetus such as still birth or defects.  Breast milk has also been found to contain Lyme spirochetes when the mother is infected.  The following link give information on human and animal findings.

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