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Subject Matter And Purpose
This website was created to provide information about mental health and other physiological issues related to Lyme Disease (Borreliosis).  There are various medical conditions that can have brain/neurological symptomatology as a result of infection with Lyme.  Also included is information with links to related subjects areas such as heavy metal toxicity/mercury amalgams, chelation therapy, vaccination/vaccine issues, and various links for related information.  A few fun links were added .
Personal interest resulted from having been a neuropsychodiagnostician and researcher at a medical university, where I saw psychiatric syndromes that sometimes were a direct result of medical illnesses.  Some syndromes were only attributed to psychiatric diagnoses until appropriate medical testing was done (endocrine testing, infectious disease and toxicity testing, etc). The resolution of some of the psychiatric conditions with the appropriate hormone, antibiotic, or medical treatment was often dramatic.  
Testing patients gave me an eye-witness experience of psychiatric illnesses and syndromes.  The job involved testing patients to identify DSM diagnostic criteria and/or brain area impairment, IQ, memory functions, etc., in order to categorize the patients' psychiatric syndromes for the psychiatric staff, to help determine treatment. This included looking for unconscious conflict via projective testing, interpreting personality test results to determine personality traits, and the identification of major defense mechanisms used by patients and in some cases, testing of neuropsych patients having suffered brain injuries such as stroke or Alzheimer's Disease.  Brain injuries can often exaggerate traits such as compulsiveness or aggression, which are often mistaken for normal defense mechanisms.
Information/links are provided about some of the medical/psychiatric disorders that might also trigger behaviors that might be construed as defenses or even mental illness (paranoia, rages, depression, obsessive-compulsive behaviors).  Other information includes lead/mercury poisoning and cognitive difficulties, Lyme Disease and the relationship to MS and Alzheimer's Disease, and Learning Disabilities. 
My own diagnosis of Lyme Disease gave me the unhappy experience of memory loss and other functional deficits that resulted from the disease.  As I became more educated about Lyme Disease and its treatment, I learned about the psychiatric, neurological, and neuropsyhological symptoms that can occur if the infection reaches the brain and remains untreated. Treatment recommendations from Lyme-literate doctors often include strengthing the immune system with autolymphocyte injections, heavy metal chelation treatment, dental health-mercury amalgam removal, correcting endocrine dysfunction and hormone deficits, IV antibiotic and vitamin therapy, multiple tick-borne infection testing and treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen therapies, to name a few.
This information is not meant to be all inclusive, but to point to different or new directions for better mental and physical health.  The information is not to be construed as medical advice.

For more information on Lyme Disease and Lyme Support Groups or Chronic Illnesses information, see links page.


Sandra Mannelli, Ed.D.

email: Sandra Mannelli

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